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Chaukana Gali, Lahore Cantonment Tehsil

On this page you can find a location map as well as a list of places and services available around Chaukana Gali: Hotels, restaurants, sports facilities, educational centers, ATMs, supermarkets, gas stations and more.

Nearest Named Buildings

  • Tomb of Imam Ghulam Muhammad - 116 m
  • Tomb of Pir Sabz - 125 m
  • Wazir Khan Mosque - 152 m

Services near Chaukana Gali

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  • Guest House - 1475m
    atiq room
    Rehman Street 7


  • Gas station - 730m
    Circular Road Lahore
  • Parking - 510m
    Sheranwala Bazaar

Financial Services

  • Bank - 521m
    The Bank of Punjab
    Shah Alami Road Lahore

Religious Centres

  • Place of Worship - 63m
    - (muslim)
    Chaukana Gali
  • Place of Worship - 324m
    Hakim Pir Bakhsh (muslim)
    Chohatta Qazi Allah Dad
  • Place of Worship - 248m
    Syed Deedar Ali Shah (muslim)
    Muhammadi Mohallah
  • Place of Worship - 234m
    Shrine of Syed Suf (sufi)
    Chowk Wazir Khan
  • Place of Worship - 394m
    Sunehri Mosque (muslim - sunni)
    Dabbi Bazaar
  • Place of Worship - 328m
    - (muslim)
    Teddi Gali
  • Place of Worship - 389m
    Bilal (muslim)
    Nohriyan Bazaar
  • Place of Worship - 398m
    Jalal (muslim)
    Takia Sadhuwan
  • Place of Worship - 302m
    Khawajgan Narowali (muslim - shia)
    Haji Ziauddin Street
  • Place of Worship - 376m
    Nisar Haveli Imambargah
    Lakar Mandi
  • Place of Worship - 305m
    Mullan Majeed (muslim)
    Haji Ziauddin Street
  • Place of Worship - 392m
    Nawab Sahab (muslim)
    Kucha Gilanian
  • Place of Worship - 387m
    امام برگاہ حویلی الف شاہ (muslim)
    Gali Surjan Singh
  • Place of Worship - 371m
    Shrine of Sufi Din Muhammad
    Gali Surjan Singh
  • Place of Worship - 309m
    Sufaid (muslim)
    Safaid Masjid Wali Gali
  • Place of Worship - 363m
    Shah Hamdan (muslim)
    Kucha Kharadian
  • Place of Worship - 368m
    - (muslim)
    Kucha Chabuk Sawaran
  • Place of Worship - 382m
    - (muslim)
    Koocha Ganghran
  • Place of Worship - 260m
    Maulana Taj Din (muslim)
    Chohatta Qazi Allah Dad
  • Place of Worship - 190m
    Nimaad Graan (muslim)
    Gondi Gali
  • Place of Worship - 155m
    Allah Jawaya (muslim)
    Kucha Allah Jawaya
  • Place of Worship - 152m
    Wazir Khan Mosque (muslim - sunni)
    Shahi Guzargah
  • Place of Worship - 117m
    Shah Murad (muslim)
    Kucha Shah Murad
  • Place of Worship - 314m
    Ibrahim (muslim)
    Kucha Lal Haveli
  • Place of Worship - 306m
    Shrine of Syed Ahmed Tokhta Tirmizi (muslim)
    Gali Qabr Wali
  • Place of Worship - 197m
    Ahsan (muslim)
    Kucha Sheikh Wasawan
  • Place of Worship - 221m
    Ibrahim Khalil (muslim)
    Kucha Sheikh Wasawan
  • Place of Worship - 307m
    Nimrah (muslim)
    Gali Nanyan
  • Place of Worship - 305m
    Ashiqan-e-Rasool (muslim)
    Nohriyan Bazaar
  • Place of Worship - 311m
    Khanqah Jameel Nafees
    Gali Nanyan
  • Place of Worship - 114m
    Nivi Gali (muslim)
    Nivi Gali
  • Place of Worship - 74m
    - (muslim)
    Bari Gali
  • Place of Worship - 292m
    قبر والی گلی (muslim)
    Kawelwari Gali
  • Place of Worship - 340m
    - (muslim)
    Katra Cheetewala
  • Place of Worship - 264m
    - (muslim)
    Kucha Kotee Daran
  • Place of Worship - 298m
    بابا رحمان شاہ (muslim)
    Kucha Chabuk Sawaran
  • Place of Worship - 287m
    Sonewala (muslim)
    Kucha Chabuk Sawaran
  • Place of Worship - 132m
    - (muslim)
    Taizabian Bazaar
  • Place of Worship - 297m
    Hanafira Takia Sadhuan (muslim)
    Takia Sadhuwan
  • Place of Worship - 333m
    Chinian Wali (muslim)
    Marzayan Di Katri
  • Place of Worship - 207m
    Katri Wasi (muslim)
    Katra Wasi
  • Place of Worship - 153m
    - (muslim)
    Katra Wasi


  • School - 197m
    والی شاہ
  • College - 818m
    Fatima Jinnah College for Women
    Chuna Mandi Bazar Lahore


  • copyshop - 1163m
    New Friends Chemical
    Circular Road, 99 Faisal Mkt 54000
  • Jewelry - 504m
    Afzal Jeweler
    Phone: +924237669216
    Opening hours: Mo-Sa 11:00-20:30
  • Bakery - 150m
    Khalifa Bakers
    Lakar Mandi Bazaar Lahore
  • Bakery - 236m
    Khalifa Naan Shop
    Ahata Sarbuland
  • car parts shop - 930m
    Badami bagh auto market
  • beauty shop - 919m
    Bismillah Cosmetics
    Shah Alami Road
  • Electronics - 834m
    Iqbal Saeed & Co Pumps
    Bull Rd, 1
    Email: iqbalsaeed&co@yahoo.com
  • fabric shop - 263m
    Atif Mushtaq Fabrics
    Shahi Guzargah
  • houseware - 275m
    Ghulam Nabi Crockery Store
    Shahi Guzargah
  • Mobile Phones - 683m
    Telenor Franchise - Telenor
    Circular Road
  • Hardware Store - 1082m
    Azaan & Co.
    Brandreth Road
    Phone: +92 333 9993333; +92 42 37674194
    Fax: +92 42 37674195
    Email: info@aautomation.com

Eating and Drinking

  • Restaurant - 709m
    Khyber Hotel/Afridi Younas
    Circular Road Lahore
  • Cafe - 381m
    Agha Tea Store
    Hukay Wali Gali


  • Hospital - 682m
    Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif Hospital
    Yakki Gate Bazaar Lahore

Public Services

  • Police - 651m
    Yakki Gate Police Station - Punjab Police
    Yakki Gate Bazaar
  • Post Office - 502m
    Rang Mahal Post Office
    Sadakaran Bazar


  • Touristic Attraction - 345m
    Gali Surjan Singh
    Gali Surjan Singh
  • Touristic Attraction - 355m
    Patli Gali
    Kucha Ghubarchiyan


  • Marketplace - 398m
    New Azam Cloth Market
    Rara Tellian
  • Ice Cream - 1251m
    Baba Kulfi Wala
    Shah Alami Road Lahore
  • tourism-yes - 152m
    Wazir Khan Mosque (muslim - sunni)
    Shahi Guzargah
  • shop-fashion_accessories - 270m
    Imran Cap House
    Shahi Guzargah

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