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Mohallah Barood Khana, Katri Bawa

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  • Parking - 319m
    Kucha Mohammadi

Financial Services

  • Bank - 560m
    The Bank of Punjab
    Shah Alami Road Lahore

Religious Centres

  • Place of Worship - 93m
    Shine of Baba Nathay Shah Bukhari
    Fort Road
  • Place of Worship - 338m
    Begum Shahi Mosque (muslim - sunni)
    Moti Bazaar
  • Place of Worship - 288m
    Ghousia Gujjran (muslim)
    Kucha Shahian
  • Place of Worship - 248m
    Kareem Bakhsh (muslim)
    Kali Beri Bazaar
  • Place of Worship - 275m
    Samadhi of Bhai Mani Singh (sikh)
    Fort Road
  • Place of Worship - 271m
    Tauheed (muslim)
    Gali Mola Baksh


  • University - 732m
    Jamia Noumania
    Tibbi Bazaar
  • School - 237m
    Govt. Special Education Center
    Fort Road
  • College - 342m
    Fatima Jinnah College for Women
    Chuna Mandi Bazar Lahore


  • beauty shop - 932m
    Bismillah cosmetics
    Shah Alami Road
  • Mall - 483m
    Moti Bazaar
    Moti Bazaar
  • Jewelry - 470m
    Phone: +924237669216
    Opening hours: Mo-Sa 11:00-20:30
  • Bakery - 1123m
    Khalifa Bakers
    Lakar Mandi Bazaar Lahore
  • car parts shop - 910m
    Badami bagh auto market

Recreation and Sports

  • Cinema - 239m
    City Cinema
    Barfkhana Road

Eating and Drinking

  • Restaurant - 753m
    Fort View Hotel & Restaurant
    Fort Road Food Street


  • Hospital - 398m
    Said Mittha Hospital
    Said Mitha Bazar

Public Services

  • Police - 426m
    Masti Gate Police Station
    Moti Bazaar
  • Post Office - 617m
    Shah Alami Road Lahore


  • Touristic Attraction - 105m
    Hanuman Temple (abandoned)
    Katri Sikandar Khan
  • Touristic Attraction - 360m
    Haveli Ram Gopal
    Gali Saithan
  • Touristic Attraction - 368m
    Chuna Mandi Havelis
    Farshi Bazaar
  • Touristic Attraction - 391m
    Mai Temple (abandoned)
    Chuna Mandi Bazar
  • gallery - 555m
    Sikh Gallery
  • Museum - 991m
    Faqir Khana
    Kucha Faqir Khana


  • Fountain - 1016m
  • Marketplace - 336m
    Moti Bazar
    Said Mitha Bazar Lahore
  • tourism-yes - 1004m
    Wazir Khan Mosque (muslim - sunni)
    Shahi Guzargah

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